Faith Tourism

Developments in the scope of technology,without an exemption of all national boundaries, bring people close together. Since the discovery of writing, perheps 9.000 or 10.000 years ago, certain places in the world were the grounds for close contacts among different cultures, civilizations and religions.

The foundations of the various ancient civilizations' on the lands of Anatolia, the settlement of the disples during the first quarter of Christianity in Anatolia or that of Jewish people who were subjected to the policy of annihilation in their homelands during the Mediaeval Ages inevitably provided the Anatolian region to embody various synagogues and churches besides the Islamic works of arts belonging to the Turkish nations.

The fact that these works of art have attained to our times as a result of our nations' notion of respect and high esteem to other religions enable Türkiye to gain an advantageous position among the other countries.

The evaluation of the interests of people to visit religious centers out of the consideration of regular fulfilments can be identified as Faith Tours in the scope of tourism phenomenon.