Mehmet Nuri ERSOY was born in İstanbul in 1968. After his graduation from the German School of Istanbul, he entered and finished his studies at the Department of Business Administration of Istanbul University, whose medium of instruction is English.

In 1985, he started his professional life by guiding the tourists while continuing his education at high school.

In 1991, after he finished his bachelor’s degree, he established his own company providing services in the fields of package tours and hotel accommodation.

In 2000, Mehmet Nuri ERSOY started to engage in services in the field of hotel accommodation. After 33 years of professional and experiences in the tourism sector, he was assigned to Minister of Culture and Tourism for the first cabinet of the new executive presidential system in Türkiye headed by H.E. Mr Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN.

As he started his post as Culture and Tourism Minister on 9 July 2018, he delegated all his responsibilities and titles in the company he had founded and chaired.

Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, whose level of English and German is advanced, is married to Pervin Ersoy and is a father to two children.