Hamamlı Church (Center): It is in the Hamamlı village of Artvin province. The church is 32 km. from the city center, was constructed by Sembat I from Baghdad in between 923 and 958. It has an impressive architecture with its embroidered “sundial” which had maintained its characteristic on its door till today.

Barhal Church (Altıparmak Church, Yusufeli):
It is within the Altıparmak village, which is 12 km. away from north west of Yusufeli district. It is used as a mosque today and still protects its historical characteristic.

İşhan Church (Yusufeli): It is 11 km. east from Yusufeli district, and in Dağyolu (İşhan) village. The mosque which was previously constructed as a church in 1008 was converted into a mosque by Ottomans in 1549. Relief illustrating the challenge of a dragon and a lion among the adornments on window borders is interesting. Church with a conical structure still preservs its original structure.

Cevizli Church (Şavşat): It is 6 km. from north east of Şavşat province, in Cevizli village. It was constructed between 899 and 914 by one of the governors of Bagratlı, Aşut Kukh. Grave of Aşut Kukh is adjacent to this church. A Georgian structure, Cevizli Church’s external face was adorned with columns and relieves. There is a relief of Jesus Christ on the north windows. Ram head relieves in the church and ram head statues on its ceiling is showing that Bagrats are fond of Huns for whom ram is deemed as holy.

Köprülü Bridge (Şavşat): It is 7 km from north west of Şavşat province and in Köprülü village. It is thought that this is considered as the center of the churches within the region. Only the remnants of the church constructed by Zortana,one of the rulers of Kıpçaklı has erected today.