Veysel Karani Mausoleum (Baykan): The mausoleum of Veysel Karani is located in Ziyaret Locality of Baykan district, on Diyarbakır - Bitlis highway 40 kilometers away from Siirt province..The mausoleum which was constructed by the locally manufactured plaster known as "cas" in 1901 and was covered with a dome. The structure was collapsed in 1967 and a replacement new mausoleum was constructed after that date. Each year, 16th and 17th days of May is celebrated as the remembrance day of Veysel Karani. In the spring season, especially in May, the mausoleum is frequently visited by tourists from the entire country.

İbrahim Hakkı Mausoleum (Aydınlar): The mausoleum which was constructed by the religious and astronomy scholar İbrahim Hakkı in the name of his beloved teacher İsmail Fakirullah in the 18th century is located at the disctrict center of Aydınlar (Tillo). The structure had lost its original appereance with the recently constructed attachments and restoration studies. The original property of the mausoleum which was constructed on a hill was that, from a window with dimensions 40 x 40 cm on the wall called Kalet-ül Üstad, the sun light was reflected from a prism on the tower each year in 21 March in a particular hour in order to illuminate the head section of the tomb of İsmail Fakirullah. However, after the restoration studies executed in 1963 this property of the mausoleum was disturbed and ceased existence and all efforts to reobtain this property had become insufficient.