Winter Sports

Geographic structure of Türkiye is an appropriate ground for hunting in connection with its plant cover and wild life.

Türkiye is an important center of winter activities and attractions with its high altitude mountains covered with snow all throughout the year.

 Faith Tours

 Silk Road

All throughout its history as the homeland of various religions,Türkiye posses monuments worth seeing by people having different beliefs.

Anatolia is formed on one of the most important junction points of Silk Road from China to reaching to Europe through passing over Middle Asia .

 Thermal Resorts

 Congress Tourism
Türkiye with its rich and curative mineral waters is the paradise of thermal springs and welcomes the ones seeking for good health with its high quality facilities..Located on the junction point of Europe and Assia,Türkiye is an ideal venue of meetings and congresses..



In recent years, since the golf facilities with international quality entered into service respectively, Türkiye has become an elite golf center where golf players all around the world meet in an environment of delicacy, quality and prestige...

Ornithology is to discover the nature trough the eyes of a bird..



Surrounded by the sea in three directions, Türkiye is a treasure chest of coves, inlets, bays and bays at which yachtsmen can choose a different and private anchorage each night...

Various geographic characteristics, climate variety, caused by geographical differences enables Türkiye to have a rarely encountered vegetation in the world...


With an approximate number of 40.000 caves and caverns present, our country is like a ' paradise of caverns ' when compared to other countries... The highlands of Türkiye and the lifestyle of its people have an important place in the rich cultural landscape of Türkiye...

 Air Sports


Türkiye is a country which should be discovered by those fond of air sports such as, Paragliding, Glider, Parachute and Balloon...

Türkiye presents mountains lovers with an incredible variety of interesting climbing opportunities that are sure to satisfy the most demanding hikers, climbers, and winter sports fans....


 Underwater Diving
Türkiye, with its rich natural resources, provide an important river tourism potantial for the visitors of water sports... Important submerged things and underwater caverns within the seas of Türkiye are waiting divers for discovery...