Aktekke Mosque (Mader-i Mevlana Mosque, Center): It was constructed by Ruler Alaaddin Ali of Karamanoğulları Domain for the mother of Mevlana, Mümine Hatun in 1370. The building is also called as "Mader-i Mevlana Mosque and Tomb" or "(Mevlevi Tekkesi)Dervish Convent". On the west side of the mihrap ( niche of a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca), there are the graves of the mother, wife, children and grandchildren of Mevlana.

Yunus Emre Mosque (Center): It is located at Kirişçi District. It is estimated that the külliye complex made up of a mosque, tomb, lodgings for itinerant dervishes and graves surrounded by walls, was constructed in XIVth century. Due to the belief that Yunus Emre and Şeyhi Taptuk Emre were buried there, it has been recalled with this name. Dated 1561, the tombstones of the graves were among the most precious examples of Karamanoğulları Domain with their inscriptions and adornments.

Yunus Emre Tomb (Center): It is in the city center of Karaman province located at Kirişçi District adjacent to Yunus Emre Mosque. The four sarcophagus in the tomb belong to Yunus Emre, Taptuk Emre,son of Yunus Emre, İsmail and to his daughter.

It was built during Karamanoğulları period. The area at south facade of the mosque was arranged as Yunus Emre Poetry Park.

İmaret Mosque (Center): Built by Karamanoğlu İbrahim Bey II. in 1433, the complex composed of a mescit( small mosque), tomb, kitchen, darülhuffaz and darülkurra, a house for the readers of Koran, guesthouse for the visiters. Today all of these sections are used as a mosque.

The tiled mihrap ( niche of a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca) has been displayed at Çinili Köşk in İstanbul, while the wooden engraved door and casements have been exhibited at Turkish Islamic Arts Museum.

Taşkale Mosque (Mağara Mescid-Taş Mescid, Taşkale): 50 km from Karaman and at Taşkale borough,the mosque was constructed through engraving the rocks, which gave the building an authentic characteristics and made it unique in Türkiye.

Ulu Mosque (Ermenek): The mosque is located in Ermenek, Yukarı Çarşı neighbourhood, Gülpazar District.It is among the most ancient and biggest Karamanoğulları structures of the city. It was constructed by Mehmet Bey, son of Kerimüddin Karaman Bey in 1302.

Meydan Mosque (Ermenek): The mosque is in Ermenek of Meydan district, has a small structure, and high interest with its dome and minaret.

Its mihrap made up of stone and its minber decorated with stone masonry are authentic. The minaret on the direction of the entrance is not a part of the complex. Although the date of construction is not known, it is estimated that the building was restored in 15th century.

Sipas Mosque (Ermenek): The mosque is located in , Ermenek, Çınarlısu District. It was constructed by Ebulfeth Alaaddin Halil Bey, son of Bedreddin Mahmud Bey during Karamanoğulları Period ( mids of XIVth century). There is an inscription indicating that it was restored in 1850.

Tol Medresseh (Ermenek): The building was constructed by Ruler Emir Musa of Karamanoğulları Domain in 1339. One of the tombs was embroidered with turquoise tiles of hexagonal and triangular motifs. These were the authentic samples of Karamanoğulları art of plaster and tile decoration.

Maden Şehri (Binbir Church, Center): Madenşehri is a palce of settlement founded on the hills of Karadağ 50km from northern Karaman. Madenşehri was perched on historical ruins known as Binbir Church. Büyük Kilise ( Big Church), the first building on the west of the entrance of the village, was constructed by hewn stones. Located in the north of the city, Çanlı Church today has been in the shape of ruins. In the middle of the city, there is a graveyard, and a foot side which is directed towards the Mecca. Madenşehri has been declared as a settlement of residence.

Değle (Center): Located on the highest peaks of Karadağ, Değle ruin areas include six Byzantium Churches and epitaphs which have all been collapsed today. Değle is among the places that Saint Paulus (St. Paul)have lived during his life time.

Derbe (Center):
It is located in Ekinözü ( Aşıran) Village, 27 km to Karaman. There are the remnants of ancient cities and churches. The church is said to have been the first Christian Church that was constructed 14 years before the Church of Virgin Mary in Ephesus.

Kızıl Mosque (Center): In Yollarbaşı Borough, Topraklık location, the mosque is a ruined building.It was one of the most important centers of worship together with Binbir Church during Byzantine Period.

Çeşmeli Mosque (Center): It is located at Topucak District in Karaman. It was constructed in refrence to Binbir Church's small basilicas in Karadağ. Although the date of construction is not known, it is estimated to have been built during Byzantine period.

İnöğlesi Rock Monastery (Ermenek): This rock monastery on the southwest slopes of the Yumrutepe Mountain in the east of Ermeneğ belonged to the early Christian period.