Hızırbey Kulliye (Center): The kulliye,which is constructed in 1383 by Kösemihalzade Hızır Bey, is composed of hamam, mosque and arasta. It is also known as Büyük Mosque. Its body is demolished during Balkans War, and repaired in 1937.

Cedit Ali Paşa Mosque (Babaeski): It is thouth that Mimar Sinan's piece of art, mosque is constructed between 1561-1565. It is understood that it is repaired in 1832 from the inscription at west gate of the courtyard. Only mosque had reached today from the kulliye, composed of mosque, theology school, hamam, caravansary and library. A small model of Süleymaniye Mosque, mosque has single balcony.

Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Kulliye (Lüleburgaz): 1570 dated kulliye is a magnificent Ottoman piece of art with its mosque, hamam, theology school and caravansary. Sokullu Mosque, which is repaired in 1839, has an important place among sing domed mosques. Its minaret has been restored and reopened for worship.

Gazi Süleyman Paşa Mosque Church (Küçük Ayasofya, Vize): The church, which is between ramparts at Kale district, is turned into a mosque by Gazi Süleyman Paşa in 16th century. Frisk ruins can be selceted on plastered walls. Also Islamic period belonging chisel works are present. A complete church appearence is reigning on the structure.

Cavern Monastery (Vize): It is constructed with engraving to the rocks at slopes of the valley, which is north west of Vize province. Most attractive part of the cavern monastery is chapel, and this is very small.

Ayanikola Ayazma (Sacred Fountaın) and Monastery (Kıyıköy): Located near a rock at Papuç River Valley, the monastery can be accessible through two different roads from district andbank of the river.On the rock of 2m height on the road of the district there seven lines inscription.

Shaped totally by engraving into a rock, the structure made up of three sections.