St. Paul Church (Yalvaç): It is one kilometer from north of Yalvaç province, and within Pisidia Antiocheia Antique City. It is the first big church of the city, and adjacent to the city ramparts and 200 meters south of Roman Hamam. Bassilical planned structure, which is one of the first Christian churches, is constructed on a synagogue.

St. Paul church, which is within Yalvaç Antiocheia antic city had taken its name from city visitor St. Paul. After St. Paul had gained to be a citizen of Roma, he had been Baptist by Saul and Hanania, and gained Paul name. St. Paul, together with Saint Barnabas, had come to the city in 46 A. D., and gave his first official sermon in a synagogue in this city. After this visit, due to two more visits of St. Paul to this city, it gained an importance for both church and Antiocheia Christianity world.

Aya Payana Church (Center): It is in the city center. It is thought to be constructed in 1750.

Aya Yorgi Church (Center): It is in the city center of Isparta. It is written that it is constructed in 1858 on its inscription.

Aya Stetfanos Church (Eğirdir): It is in Eğirdir Lake, Yeşilada District, which is bound to Eğiridir province with an asphalt road in 1976 while it was an island before. It is a Byzantium - Orthodox church, which is constructed during 14th century.