Cacabey (Medresesi) Mosque (Center): The theology school , which is at the city center, is constructed in 1271-1272 and currently used as a mosque.

It served as a astronomy institute during Seljuk period.Its minaret, which is seperate from the structure , was also used as an watch tower.

Ahi Evran Mosque and Mausoleum (Center): The mosque and mauso1eum , which was constructed in the name of Ahi Ervan, who was the founder of Ahilik Organization, in 1482, is at the city center.

One can climb the mausoleum by a ladder inside the mosque.

Lala Mosque (Lale Mosque-Center): It is in the city center and adjacent to Melik Gazi Vault.The architectural style of the mosque resemble to that of caravanserai and a mint.

Melik Gazi Vault (Center): In the southeast of the city center, teh vault is thought to have been built in 13th century.

Derefakılı Churches (Akçakent): Among the first Christian churches to have been built, these churches are located in Derefakılı Village, Akçakent district.