Menucehr Mosque (Ani Ruins): It is located in Ani Ancient City. Built by Ebu Süca Manucehr from Seddatoğulları Government in 1072, the mosque attract attention as the first building to have been constructed in Anatolia by Seljuks.

It is among the most splendid works of Seljuks of Anatolia with its vivid stones of the view of mosaics and rich geometric decorations on its ceiling.

Ebul Muammeral Mosque (Boz Minare, Ani Ruins): At the center of Ani Province, the mosque was constructed by the latest Seddatlı Sultan Şahan Şah. The minaret of the devastated mosque has been fell over to one side.

Keçel Church (Aziz Pirkitch Church, Ani Ruins): Located in Ani Ruins, the church was constructed by the son of Abugremrizents Daklavini,the grandchild of Gregor between the years 1034-1036. It was restored in 1173 by Priest Tridot, and a belfry was added to the main building in 1291and the dome was repaired in 1342. Nearly half of the building has still been demolished since it was strucked by lightining.

Şirli Church (Aziz Gregor Church, Ani Ruins): Located at Ani Ruins,the church was constructed by Tigran upon the request of the minorities of Şeddatlı Government in 1215. The main structure, which is of high esteem with its adornments on the inner sections of the dome, has been destructed to a certain extent.

Abughamrent Gregor Church (Ani Ruins): Located in Ani Ruins, it was constructed by Ani King Gagik XI. in the name of Gregor in 998.

Güvercinli Church (Maiden's Church, Ani Ruins): Located in Ani Ruins, the structure thought to have been built in 12nd or 13th centuries was perched on a steep rocky place near Arpaçay.

Kemserakanlı Church (Ani Ruins): Located in Ani Ruins, the church was built in 922 and only a single wall adorned with the motifs of primitive men has remained today.

Meryemana Cathedral (Fethiye Mosque, Ani Ruins): The construction of the cathedral had been started during Sembatat II. at Ani city center in 1010 and was completed during Gagik I. period. After Alpaslan conquered the province of Ani in 1064, ithe building was used as a mosque for a certain period of time.

As it had been damaged by the earthquake in 1319, it was restored by the Architect Tiridot. Today it is among the rare structures in Ani that have been well-preserved so far.

Arak' Eltos Church (Ani Ruins): The church was constructed in Ani Ruins as a patriarchate in 1031. Upon the as the invasions of Ani by the Seljuks, it was converted into a caravanserai in 1064.

Havariler( Disciples) Church (Kümbet Mosque, Center): It is the one on the southern slope of the Kars Castle in Kaleiçi District,the church has been well preserved till to our times. It was constructed between the years 932-937 by King Abbas of Bağrat who announced Kars as the capital city. In 1878, it was restored by the Russians. The belfry had been built adjacent to the church in 1890 was demolished in 1918.

After long periods of service as a church, the building was converted into a mosque by Seljuks in 1064. Still it was used as church in the following years. Reconverted into a mosque in 1918, the building finally decided to be used as a museum in 1964.