İshak Paşa Palace Mosque (Doğubeyazıt): The place, constructed on a hill at Beyazıt by Hasan Paşa's son İshak Paşa who became grand vizier in 1789 , is complying with Ottoman’s palace organization with its rooms and halls, which are reaching the number of 360. It is said that the construction of the palace,760 square meters area, took 99 years. On the architecture of the building collected around two courtyards within each other and "U" shape (mosque - harem chambers - food aid chambers - hamam, reception room - ceremonial and amusement room - mausoleum etc.) perfect masonry, and on its engravements and wall adornments Persian, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations’ mutual impacts can be seen.

İshak Paşa Mosque is,within the second courtyard of the palace, between harem and reception rooms. Body walls are two times higher than the palace. Mosque, dome and minaret is overlooking to all of the palace. Its huge portals with sharp arches and turbans reminds of Seljuk architecture rather than that of Ottomans. Big plastic naturalist plant adornments on the rock are showing the impacts of Caucus alien on Turkish art.

Square planned minaret, fully constructed with Turkish style have a monumental appearance on its own. Octagonal monument, constructed adjacent to external walls, at kıble (the direction of Mecca) side of the mosque, has two layers complying with Seljuk monument architecture tradition. Window corners and some surfaces of the mosque and the monuments externally fully made up of cut rock (including dome) and are decorated with Rococo style embroideries that figure out trees and flowers.

Mount Ağrı: Türkiye’s highest mountain, Ağrı (5165 m.) had drawn attention of scientists, mountaineers and wanderers and subjected to various stories, türkü (folk songs) and myths.

According to a widespread belief mentioned in the Holy Bible and the Pentateuch, an evil covered the world during The Prophet Noah. With the aim of rebuking human beings, God ordered Noah to construct a ship. Prophet Noah, his spouse, his sons, and one apiece from all creatures in the world will be on board of the ship. Prophet Noah, had constructed the ship in parallel to the order of the God and filled the ship with the creatures.All creatures on the ship had been vanished as a result of the flood. After the flood had come to an end, the ship grounded on Mount Ağrı, and creatures within it left the ship and spread all around of the world.

The mountain, which is very special in terms of religion due to this religious tale, is very impressive with its majestic appearance,height, its snowy peaks even during summer months,fauna and flora.