Theology School With Double Minarets (Center): It is constructed by Seljukian Sultan, Alaaddin Keykubad's daughter Hüdavend Hatun in1253. It is the biggest of the theology schools with double minarets with double storey and open air courtyard. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Seljukian style with its corolla gate, relief adornments.

Yakutiye Theology School (Center): It is a artistically highly valuable piece of art, remaining from İlhanlılar. According to the Arabic inscription on its corolla gate, it is constructed in 1310 by Hoca Cemaleddin Yakut with the aids of Sultan Gazan and Balugan Hatun of Horasan. Theology school, is one of the pieces of arts, which did not loose its importance until today like Double Minarets.

Ulu Mosque (Atabey Cami, Merkez): The mosque, which is thought to be constructed by Saltukoğulları in 1179, had been repaired for several times during the course of time, and used other than its real function from time to time.

Three Kumbets (Center): There are two great characteristics of these magnificent kumbets, which are remaining from Saltukoğulları period. The first one is being one of the first pieces of arts in Anatolia, and the second one is all these three kumbets are constructed with completely different architectural style.

The one, which is placed on eight edged plan from three kumbets, is thought to be belong to Emir Saltuk, who is the founder of Saltuklu State. In the other two, which are completely constructed from cut stones, no one knows who is buried.