Hüsrev Paşa Mosque (Center): The mosque, which is in former Van city, is constructed by one of the viziers of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Van Beylerbeyi Hüsrev Paşa. It is understood from the inscription on its door that the mosque is contsructed in 1567.

Kaya Çelebi Mosque (Center): Its construction started in former Van city in 1592 by one of the merchants of Van, Çelebizade Koçi Bey, and completed by Cem Dedeoğlu Mehmet Bey from the same family.

Çarpanak Church (Çapanak Island - Center): You can reach to the island, which is at north east of Van Lake, around Çitoren Cove, with an hour and 40 minutes motor voyage from Van central wharf. Collonial gate of Çarpanak Church, which is constructed durinbg the beginning of XII. Century, is adoned with geometrical panel and crucifix series, and protecting its beauty with its complete greatness as one of the places worth to see.

Celme Hatun Tomb (Gevaş):
This mausoleum, which is in the Seljukian cemetery at the entrance of Gevaş province, is constructed during Karakoyunlular period in 1358 in the memory of İzzettin Şir's daughter, Celme Hatun. It holds the signs of Seljukian Tomb Architecture. There are prismatic tombs and graves in this cemetery, which is approximately used from the beginning of XIV. Century to the end of XVI. century. Seljukian cemetery and Celme Hatun mausoleum has just an "Open Air Museum" apperance.

Aliyar Tomb (Erciş):
It is determined that the tomb, which is at south of entrance of Erciş Province Center, belongs to One of the Karakoyunlu Shahs, Aliyar Bey.


Akdamar Church (Akdamar Island - Gevaş):
It is 55 km away from Van, and after 20 minutes of motor voyage from the wharf on Van -Tatvan road, you can reach to the church. It is constructed between 915 and 921 by Vasparakan Ruler, I. Gagig. The chruch's, which is constructed with trefoil plan, yellowish cut stones composed mason is serving a magnificent masonry.

There are firsks on internal walls and relieves on external walls. On these relieves, stories, like Adam and Eve, Yunus Prophet and his son İsmail, David versus Goliath, are composed. Also there is a freeze composed of surrounding grape leaves and bunches as well as various animals subjected relieves on the upper part of the church.