Kurşunlu Mosque (Center): The mosque, which is constructed by Essesiyet Şucaadin in 1493, has a central plan and big dome. Two small domes aside of it, is removed by Hacı İbrahim Ağazade Hamdi Bey while it was repaired. Leads of this dome are renewed, and adornments are decorated with the paintings imported from Rhodes Island during this repair. Final congregation place is added to the mosque in 1900 by Şerif Efendi.

Lower Church (Panayia Pirgiotissa Church-Fethiye): It is within Kaya village. Mostly standing church, is used until modern times. Original wings of the north gate, are still exhibiting in Fethiye Museum. Most parts of the Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples are protected.

Upper Church (Taxiarthis Church-Fethiye): It is in Kaya village. Its construction time is not definitely known, and thought to be constructed before lower church.

Ships Island Church (Fethiye): There are four big churches and various chapels among ruins of V. Century on Ships Island and Kaya Village. Two big churches at the peeks of the island and approximately 80 meters long tunnel, which binds the east direction church to each other, is composing a strange structural group. Japan declaration, which had performed a research within the region, is mentioning that this structural group is related with a special religious ceremony.