Köyceğiz, which is 60 km. away from Muğla, is a unique beautiful borough with its citrus gardens, spread around the lake with descending from a plain, its village houses, its calm lake, marshes around the lake, its mountains changing their colors from purple to blue.



Mediterranean climate is seen at coastal part of the Köyceğiz, and continental climate is seen at mountainous regions of it. Köyceğiz, which is the second place for rain after Rize in Türkiye, winter rains can continue for 3 or 4 months.


Province center of Köyceğiz, which took its name from the lake near to it, become a Dalyan village for a while, but as a result of disturbance of connection with Muğla due to floods it is moved to its today's place. It was homeland for Carians and Menteşoğullarına, and become government during Murat II period. Together with the establishment of our Republic, it become a province of Muğla city.