Where to Visit

Ancıent Cıtıes

Kaunos Ruins

It is accepted that the first settlement is till to the 1000 B. C. Lycia, Caria and Romans are the ones who were settled there. Acropolis and ramparts, theater, Roman bath, round fountain revealed during excavations, temple and agora are the visible ruins here.

Rock Graves

Rock graves near to the Dalyan channel which connects Köyceğiz lake and Mediterranean are dated as 4th century B. C.

Relıgıous Monuments

There is a mosque constructed during Menteşe period. Benliler Mausoleum, Nasuh Dede Mausoleum and Kargın Kürü Mausoleum are valuable to see religious places.



It is one of the most valuable to see places with its natural beauties and historical values. Akköprü is constructed within its name mentioned village over Dalaman stream. There are some aqueducts on the bridge thought to be constructed by Byzantium.


Kulak Menre place which is 1 km. away from the province, Ağla Camping Area in which Acılık fountain, where drinking water is maintained, is present as well as Toprak water camp are the main promenade places.

Thermal Sprıngs

Sultaniye Thermal and Mineral Springs It is operated by Caunoses in 100 B. C. Ruins of this afterwards widen thermal spring with new additions during Bizantium period are within the lake today. It is recommended for rheumatism, nephritis, mental tiredness, skin and gynecological diseases, kidney and urethra diseases. As well as it can be reached with a short road voyage from Köyceğiz, you can also reach there via motor from lake.


Dalyan Strait

People who have participated to a ship tour from the strait that connects Köyceğiz lake to Mediterranean are stroll between narrow corridors, which are not known where to enter and exit Peninsula is just like a haven with at the left side, a 80 - 100 m. wide, kilometers long, forest entering sand sea, at the right side, bays within pine forests.

İztuzu Beach

It is a unique beautiful beach on which Caretta - Carettas are lying their eggs.

Sports Actıvıtıes

Yachting When you go to Marmaris from Dalyan, there are bays, peninsulas and natural beaches sealed within each other. Ekincik, Karağaç, Aksanlar like secret havens can be found there.