Ancient Harput settlement area is just like an open air museum. It is a touristic spot worth seeing with its museum, castle, mosques and Buzluk cave.


Terrestrial climate is dominant in Harput, and it is cold and rainy in winters and hot and dry in summers.



Acording to the historical records, the Hurris, having been settled in Eastern Anatolia beginning from 2000 BC, are the first inhabitants of Harput. After sovereignty of the Hurris, the region was ruled by the Hittites for a short time. Since the 9th century BC, the Urartus established a state in the eastern Anatolia and ruled the region for years. Harput and its environs were conquered by the Turks in 1085. Later on, it experienced the rule of the İlhans, Dulkadiroğulları Principality, Akkoyunlu State and Safevis, and finally it was conquered by the Ottoman Army in 15l6 after Çaldıran War.