Doğubayazıt is considering as the eastern gate of Türkiye, which is hosted for various tribes and civilizations during the history. During this long adventure continued for centuries, after being under sovereignty of Urartu, Assyria, Med, Persia, Rome and Byzantium, the district had faced with Islamic raids during Caliph Hz. Osman. While Doğubayazıt is holding the signs of all tribes, lived, fight and established civilizations and cultures within Anatolia, it also gains importance with its natural beauties and folkloric richness day by day.


Before Malazgirt victory, in 1064, Doğubayazıt was added in to Seljuk lands with the conquest of Kars, but then it had its share of Timur occupation with Mongol invasion. District, which was ruled by Akkoyunlular and Karakoyunlular from time to time during latter period, had been conquered by Safevis at the end of XVth century, and finally is added to Ottoman lands in 1514, after Çaldıran War.

During the initial years of the republic, after banners had been turned into cities, Doğubayazıt became a city center with the same name. But in 1927, with carrying city center as today's Ağrı, Doğubayazıt was turned into a province of this city.