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Mountain Ağrı

İshak Pasha Palace

Mount Ağrı, which is not only Türkiye's but also Europe's most highest peak with a height of 5137 and mounting on the north - eastern part of Doğubayazıt valley, is one of the volcanic mountains which has the highest potential in connection with mountaineering tourism of our country.

Mount Ağrı has all the characteristics for people, who are interested in mountaineering seek for. The mountain has not only easy routes for amateur mountaineers to climb easily, but also it has difficult routes for professionals. Having a high distance of ascent and reaching to the starting point of ascent by motorised vehicles are also important advantages.

Mount Ağrı, which drew attention of wanderers, scientists and tribes for centuries, is a mount that mostly has been a subject of folk songs, legends, researches and mythology in our country and in the world. For centuries, it is said that the ship in which Noah and his accompanies were aboard, landed on Mount Ağrı when the waters receded after Noah’s Flood.

One of the characteristics of Mount Ağrı is its rapid rise as a single piece mass when looked at from the plain which is at the base of the mountain. The other high mountains such as the Himalayas and the Andes are lack of the splendour of Mount Ağrı as this rise is seen in stages on them.

Doğubayazıt is not only an important threshold for reaching to this mysterious and majestic mountain but also a great possibility. Because the district, which is a resort place for lots of wanderers for centuries, has the years experience for mountaineering tourism.

Meteor Crater

It is at a distance of 2 km. from Iran territory and 35 km. from east of Doğubayazıt. The crater was formed due to a meteor fall in 1892. It is the second biggest meteor crater after the one in Alaska according to its width (55 m) and depth (60 m).

Noah's Ark
It is a natural monument in a region between Telçeker and Üzengili villages of Doğubayazıt. It is 4 km. far from Türkiye - Iran transit road. The monument appears as a ship-shaped silhouette. Due to the similarity, it is said that the silhouette is of the ark which landed on Mount Ağrı as a result of Noah’s Flood. Because of these rumours, many scientists came in to the region for searches. This natural monument, visited by many tourists every year, is under protection as a nature conservation area and an open-air museum.

Balık Lake

It is located on the 60 km north-east of Doğubayazıt. Balık Lake, with its 2241 meters elevation, is one of the highest lakes in Türkiye. The lake is fed by the small brooks coming from the mountains in the surroundings, springs at the shores and underground water. There is an island with an area of 4 thousand sq. meters on the north side of the lake. On the island, there are historical remains. The island, with a population of velvet ducks that brood on the island, is one of the 100 important bird areas in Türkiye. The lake is famous for its red spotted trout that are breeding naturally in the region. However, in winter, serving this naturally bred trout as a meal is not as easy as it is thought. As the lake is coated with ice layers during winter, the fishermen make holes in the ice to fish.

Doğubayazıt Reedbed

It covers the cavity in between Doğubayazıt and Mount Ağrı, where the two lakes are located in the swampy area lying between these lakes. This reedbed is also among the most important 100 bird areas in Türkiye. It is fed by the brooks coming from Balık Lake and Tendürek Mountains. Some of the Bird Species common in the region are Great White Egret (Egretta Alba),Pochard (Aythya Ferina), Crane (Grus Grus), Common Redshank (Tringa Totanus) and Tufted Duck (Aythya Fuligula).

Ice Cave

It is on the a plain ending at the foothills of the Little Mount Ağrı in the north-east of Doğubayazıt. The cave is 7-8 meter underground. There are many ice stalagmites and stalactites in the size of a lemon or a human body within the cave which is 50 meters in width and 100 meters in length.

The ice pieces, shine like a crystal and change their colour when light is shed it on, that amaze the visitors. One of the most important characteristics of the cave is being cold in summers and hot in winters. There are continuous hot and cold draughts at the entrance of the cave.

Garden of the Monk

It is a big, very green garden with an appearance just like an oasis just under Old Doğubayazıt. It is rumored that 16th Century existed supposed and become notorious for centuries "Kerem and Aslı" story is happened in here. Story tells the tragic love of two juvenile who could not marry as they are belong to different religions.

Doğubayazıt Castle

The Castle is at a distance of 7 km from the district centre, which was built on a steep rocky place near the İshakpaşa Palace. It is not known when the castle was built. However, an embossed grave found here reveals that this castle is an Urartu work. The castle, having experienced the rule of many states throughout history, was captured by Ottomans during the Çaldıran Campaign of Yavuz Sultan Selim.

Bayazıt Mosque

It is located in the south side of Doğubayazıt Castle. The Mosque is assumed to be built by the Ottoman Ruler, Yavuz Sultan Selim. The side of the valley where the mosque is placed now, was smoothed by building a wall and a flat terrace was formed. The mosque was built on this terrace. Although the mosque has not been destroyed much up to day, it cannot serve people due to its distance to the settlement places.

Ahmed-i Hani Tomb

The Tomb belongs to Ahmed-i Hani who was born in 1651. But his date of death is not known. He was the author of the book named ‘Mem u Zin’.