Troy which has an important position on the land of Anatolia where the civilization of the world has been born and had flourished has always attracted the interest of the archaeologists around the world for almost a hundred years. Iliad and Odysseus, two masterpieces in the world literature, tell about this city. The excavation which was started by Schliemann in 1870 was carried on by Dorpfeld and Blegen, and Korfmann has been continuing the diggings at present.

Every year thousands of tourists have been coming to see this worldly-known famous city. Though a lot of books and articles have been published about Troy, still thinking that the publications which have Troy known to visitors are not enough, it urged us to prepare this book. This book was written by benefiting from all the scientific books and articles published in the last years related with Troy, excluding scientific terms for the visitors to understand easily. Our main purpose at writing this book is that Troy should be known not only by scientific world, but also it should give information to everybody who wish to recognize it.

Especially Prof. Korfmann, the leader of the excavation team of Troy, with many important scientists of the world, have unearthed many secrets of Troy since 1988, therefore we got so many information from this research.

We'd like to thank him for his contribution to Troy and to the world of archaeology. Besides we'd also like to thank the Qanakkale Directorate and their personnel that provide the protection for and take care of this antique city which is one of the most important cultural descendants of the world.