Geographical Position of Troy in History

1-Geographical Position of Troy in History
About 15000 years ago the general scenery of Troy and its environment was as follows : As the sea-level of the Dardanelles was about 100 meters lower than today's, the Strait was like a salty river flowing from the Marmara Sea to the Aegean Sea. Karamenderes and Dumrek streams, the water of which was sweet were flowing into the Stream. The changes in the climate, particularly thawing of the icebergs in the north caused the sea-levels of the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea rise 60 meters high.
By the rising of the seas, though the level had risen 80 m. 7000 years ago, comparing the sea-level of the present time, it was 20 meters lower. The seas had reached at the present day level 6500-7000 years ago, and even it was two meters higher then. In other words when Troy was built first time,Troy-l andTroy-II were at the end of the bay opening to the Dardanelles.
As time went on the allivium washed down by the Karamenderes and Dumrek streams began to fill this bay gradually, and about 1000 years ago, at the time of Troy-VI, the coastline took the shape of today. While the city was a coast-dwelled habitation in the periods of Troy-l and Troy-ll, it was almost 3-4 km. inland in the period of Troy-VI. Therefore the Achaeans who came to besiege the city landed on the little bay, besige, on the west of Troy and set up their tents there.

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