The Objective of the Foundation:

The İznik Foundation is established with the aim of introducing to the world the cultural and artistic aspects and heritage of İznik and its environs and transferring this heritage to future generations through systematic educational programs. The İznik Foundation is composed of three entities: Vocational Center, Tile-Ceramics Research Centre and the Tile and Ceramics Atelier. It also has a liaison office in Kuruçeşme, Istanbul.

The İznik Foundation is primarily concerned with the revival of the traditional art of under glazing. Presently, the Foundation is not only capable of reproducing 16th century masterpieces, but also of continuing the tradition of the ancient masters in such a way that the end product is equal or better in terms of quality. The support for all the work comes from the aforesaid excavations, and from scientific research conducted by scholars. It can be stated that the first successful examples have been highly appreciated in Türkiye as well as abroad.

It is of great importance that İznik tile manufacture is adapted to present-day technology, without spoiling the inherent quality and aesthetic value which have made the 16th century İznik tile renowned in the world of ceramics. To this end, the İznik Foundation is sponsoring excavations and research on the archeology and art history of İznik. One other activity is to scan the inventories in museums and architectural works of old İznik tiles both in Türkiye and abroad, and to establish a documentation center. Each year the Foundation prepares calendars with different tile compositions taken from historical buildings and source documents.

A second İznik Tile Exhibition is being planned for 1999, ten years following the first one, along with an exhibition of new examples on the occasion of the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire.

So far 70 young graduates, have been issued certificates by the İznik Foundation on a course on tile decoration given free of charge. A summer school is to be opened for students both from Turkish and foreign Universities. The İznik Foundation is also planning a prospective University in İznik with emphasis on archaeology, art history and ceramics.