Konya - Akgöl Nature Reserve

Location: The lake lies in the Eregli district of Konya, in Central Anatolia.

Highlights: Akgol Lake and its surroundings are the home to a vast quantity and variety of water birds. Some are in danger of extinction, which means that this natural protection area, with an area of 6787 hectares, is of great national and international importance. Over 200 species of birds have been seen living in and around the Eregli reed beds, and amongst those are flamingos, titmouse, cormorant, many types of heron, swan, goose, duck, Egyptian vulture, snake eagle, reed hen harrier, crane, dove, eagle owl and great falcon. During the winter migration season, little marsh, peaked marsh, great white heron, white-fronted goose, hairy duck and crane are very common.