Kirklareli - Saka Lake Nature Reserve

Location: The reserve is in the village of Sivriler, near Demirköy in northern Thrace.

Transportation: The area is 26km from Demirkoy. There is public transport available from Kirklareli.

Highlights: The 1343-hectare forest contains species of plants that are under threat of extinction, plus rare and unique wildlife in a complete ecosystem. The main species of tree include alder, elm and ash, and there are also areas of oak, horn-beam, beech, black poplar, white poplar, willow, lime, and walnut. The wide range of wildlife living in the forest include deer, roe deer, fox, wolf, rabbit, wild roar, wild cat, swan, duck, woodcock, plank bird, viper, blind snake, water snake, carp fish, coral fish, sea bass, and craw fish.