Kayseri - Sultansazligi Nature Reserve

Location: The area is between Yesilhisar and Yahyali in the province of Kayseri, and consists of four different locations: Yay Lake (3650 hectares), Kebir Sazligi (1900 hectares), (Sultansazligi (3300 hectares) and Otluk Alan (8350 hectares).

Transportation: The area is accessible via the 15km road off the Kayseri-Nigde highway.

Highlights: There are 301 different species of the birds in the entire area, and is one of the most important incubation fields in Türkiye with 85 species breeding here. The ecosystem is rare in that the salt and fresh waters co-exist, and it is the only place in Europe where crane, flamingo, heron and pelican are incubating together. The area is renowned as a shelter for many birds in danger of extinction, and many more migrate here in the winter. Species of animals and fish include water rat, bat, fox, rabbit, carp, watersnake, lizard, turtle and frog.