Hatay - Habibi Neccar Dagi Nature Reserve

Location: The mountain is 10km away from Antakya (Hatay) in the southernmost point of Türkiye, on the Syrian border, in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
Transportation: Antakya is easily accessible by public transport.

Highlights: The nature reserve around the mountain is famous for its cultural as well as natural value, especially for St Pierre Church, which was carved into the rocks. After the death of Christ, St Pierre came to Antakya in 29 AD to preach. The Charon monument, 200m north of the church, is huge sculpture of Haron, known as Boatman of Hell in mythology, carved into the rocks. The main species of tree are cluster pine, oaks and sandalwood. The mountain is also home to foxes, rabbits, partridges and stock doves.