Denizli - Kartal Lake Nature Reserve

Location: Kartal Golu (Eagle Lake) is in the Beyagac district of Denizli.

Transportation: The lake can be accessed by following the forest road from Beyagac, which is 40km long.

Highlights: Ulugöl Tepe (Ulugöl Peak) is one of the highest points of Sandiras Mountain (2261 m). Starting from here is a glacier valley 1.5km long, between 500 - 700m wide, and known as Kartal Gölü Buzul Vadisi (Eagle Lake Glacier Valley). This 1309 hectare nature reserve is known for its rare forest ecosystem, with black pine groves and huge trees aged between 250 and 700 years old. Around the lake there is an Alpine plant cover which is rich in species like black chicory, gazelle horn with yellow flowers, roses and clover, and there are a few species of fish in the lake.