Bolu - Bolu Hazelnut Nature Reserve

Location: The area is 35km north of Bolu, in the western Black Sea region.

Transportation: The park can be reached via the Bolu-Yigica highway. Bolu is between Istanbul and Ankara, and is well connected by public transport.

Highlights: The area of 460 hectares has a unique ecosystem in which the endangered Bolu hazelnut tree flourishes. It grows naturally only in Türkiye, and is noted for its height (25-30m) and broad trunk around 1m in diameter. In the area there are many other species of trees includiing the Uludag fir, Scotch pine, larch, beech, poplar, alder, plane and lime. There are also rare species of deer, plus bears, wolves, foxes, pigs, rabbits, trout and carp.