Antalya - Alacadag Nature Reserve

Location: Alacadag Nature Reserve is in Alacadag village 25km north of Finike, in the province of Antalya.

Transportation: The area can be reached by following the forest road, which is 12km from Finike on the road to Elmali.

Highlights: The 427-hectare park is best known as an arboretum containing over 20 species of trees, many of which are rare and extremely large and old. In addition, there is are clusters of Taurus cedar, red pine, katran juniper, oak gull, grey prinari (Quercus ilex), kermes oak, flowering ash, silver birch, nettle tree berry. In addition to the interesting collection of trees, there is also a large number of species of wildlife inhabiting the park, like foxes, rabbits, badgers, martens, pigs, jackals, hyenas, squirrels and wolves; bird species include partridge, chaffinch, hoopoe, jay, pigeon, goat sucker, woodpecker, field fare, black hen, and cormorant; reptiles found here include turtles, many types of snakes and lizards.