Afyon - Dandindere Nature Reserve

Location: Dandindere (Dandin River) Nature Reserve is 30km from Emirdag, northeast of Afyon, in the Aegean Region.

Transportation: Afyon is easily accessible by bus from all over the country, and the nature reserve is off the main highway to Elmadag.

Highlights: The park, covering an area of 260 hectares, is known for its groves of the rare Taurus Cedar tree (Cetrus Libani) which normally grows in southern Türkiye. The Dandin River, which forms the northern boundary of the cedars, has been made a nature reserve in order to carry out scientific research and educational projects, and to encourage the preservation of the area. There are also many different varieties of juniper. Foxes, wolves, badgers, pigs, rabbits, partridges and quails also inhabit the park.