Adana - Yumurtalik Nature Reserve

Location: Yumurtalik Nature Reserve is 35km northeast of the centre of Karatas, 30km southwest of Yumurtalik and southeast of Adana.

Transportation: The reserve can be reached from the Karatas-Adana Road, then turning off onto the Yumurtalik-Adana Road. By public transport, it is accessible from Adana and Osmaniye, both of which are well connected by bus to the rest of the country.

Highlights: Yumurtalik Nature Reserve covers an area of 16,430 hectares and is within the Seyhan-Ceyhan delta, which its lakes, lagoons and wide collection of plant and animal species. The area is an important location for many species of migrating birds, with the highest number during the winter when the lakes are a shelter at a time when other lakes further north freeze over. In addition to the wide variety of birds, Akyatan and Agyatan lakes are also important breeding areas for the caretta caretta and cheloria mydas sea turtles, both of which are endangered. It is one of 17 sea turtle nesting areas in the Turkish Mediterranean.