Konya - Kocakoru Forest Natural Park


The Kocakoru Natural Park is near the village of Tarasci in the Seydisehir district of Konya.

Transportation: The park can be accessed from Konya, which is well connected to the rest of the country by bus.

Highlights: Tarasci and its environment have the characteristics of a steppe forest, which lies towards the foot of the Taurus mountains. The low humidity and rainfall in the region means that the ecosystem of the forest is fragile. Many forests around here are under threat from industrial use, which highlights the importance of the conservation attempts of this park to protect the region’s ecosystem. The variety of trees, which includes Anatolian black pine and Taurus fir, is important to the entire area.

There are three areas within the forest, known as Kucuk Oluk, Gudal and Hacihasan Olugu, which are all popular for picnicking and walking.