İstanbul - Türkmenbaşı Natural Park


Türkmenbaşı Park is in the Sisli area of İstanbul, north of Taksim. Until 1999 it was known as Haciosman Park.

Transportation: Sisli can easily be accessed by public transport from Taksim, Eminönü and Mecidyekoy.

There are many similarities between Türkmenbaşı Park and the nearby Belgrade Forest, both of which are good spots for relaxation and recreation away from city life. It is especially popular for walking and picnicking and its cool shady areas busy during weekends. The road leading to the park is filled with food sellers.

The main species of trees are shore pine, black pine and oak. Animals inhabiting the area include jackals, wild boar, reptiles and a variety of birds. The winters can be very cold and cloudy and the area is often covered with snow, whereas summers are hot and dry with threats of droughts. It was granted the status of Natural Park in order to preserve the ecological balance, and to try and control urban development.