İstanbul - Polonezköy


Istanbul - Polonezköy

Location: Polenezkoy is in the Beykoz district of Istanbul, in the Marmara Region.

Transportation: There is no public transport to the village of Polonezkoy, but private vehicles can access the area from the centre of İstanbul towards the coast, on the Asian side.

Highlights: Polonezköy, although still within Istanbul, is 25 km away from the centre and not easy to reach by public transport. Translated as “village of the Poles”, it was established in 1848 by the exiled Prince Czartorisky, a Polish leader, who formed a community of Balkans on land sold to him by a local monastery. The Poles have since left the village, but there are sill a few remaining Central European style wooden houses with pretty balconies.
Polonezköy is within a vast green expanse, which was designated Istanbul’s first national park, and many people come to walk though forests with streams and wooden bridges. Its main species of trees include hornbeam, elm, alder, chestnut and lime. Species of wildlife in the park are mainly birds, especially storks and birds of prey that migrate here in the autumn.

Facililities: There are good hotels and many restaurants in the village, most of which specialise in Polish cuisine.