Isparta - Yazili Canyon


Yazili Canyon is in the Sutculer District of Isparta, in the Mediterranean Region.

Transportation: The park can be reached via the Isparta - Sutculer highway, and turning off at Sutculer for 8km. Isparta is well connected to the rest of Türkiye by public transport.

Highlights: The area is well known for its lakes and the picturesque views of the area, and also the rich variety of flora and fauna. The main species of plant are larch, alder, hairy oak, plane, juniper, walnut, locust, olive, oak, bay, oleander, myrtle, blackthorn, broom, wild rose, ivy and bracken. Pig, wild goat, fox, badger, sable, rabbit, squirrel, eagle, red vulture, falcon, pigeon, stock dove, and partridge also inhabit the park. The best time to visit is between April and October.