Gümüshane - Artabel Lakes


The Arbatel Lakes are 50km from Gumushane, 120km south of Trabzon, in the Black Sea region, and 5km from the village of Gulacar.

Transportation: The best public transport to the area is from Gulacar. Gumushane can easily be reached by road from Trabzon, Bayburt or Toral.

Highlights: The entire region of the park is filled with lakes and mountains, which forms a wonderful area for trekking. Karanlik Gol (Dark Lake) is the north-east foot of Artabelinbasi Peak, four lakes known as Besgoller, on the west of Sofraninbasi Peak, and three lakes known as Karagoller are at the foot of the eastern peak of Gavurdagi Mountain. The summers are hot and dry, and the winters cold and rainy.

The main trees in the forests are Scotch pine and fir, and there are many animals and birds in the area. The area around the lakes has very rich geologic and morphologic characteristics, especially with its rich collection of flora and fauna. The 5859 hectares were granted status of Natural Park in 1998, mainly to preserve the 18 glacier crater lakes.