Balıkesir - Ayvalik Islands Natural Park


Location: The Ayvalık Islands Natural Park is within the borders of Balıkesir Province in Marmara Region.

Transportation: It is possible to reach to Ayvalık Islands, by both Ayvalık highway and maritime lines. It is possible to reach to the greatest of these islands named Alibey Island by overland route, after coming to the Ayvalık District of Balıkesir Province.

Highlights: Ayvalık Islands are geomorphologic structured which had been formed by the fall in of the peaks in the Aegean earthenware pot, as a result of the tectonic movements in the Pleistocene. After that event, the peaks were left over the sea and the islands formed. The extension of the old mountains played an important role in the distribution of the islands. This distribution and forming style had also effected the under - sea topography, and as a result of that rare landscape characteristics had been formed under the sea.

Because of the lythological structure of the islands, some islands have a very thin plant cover, and some have no.
The area have a recreational characteristic. In 1995, 17950 hectares of the area have been accepted as Natural Park, in order to make use of its potentiality, and to balance the usage - protection amount by taking the usage of the area under control.

Facililities: In the Natural Park, camping areas and areas for daily usage will be arranged. In the Şeytan Sofrası Locality, an orientation centre will be activated, and in Güneş Island a centre for water sports like scuba - diving, and under sea fishing will be established.