Antalya - Kusunlu Waterfall Natural Park


Location: The Kurşunlu Waterfall Natural Park takes plac within the borders of Center District of Antalya Province of Mediterranean Region.
Transportation: The Natural Park is 22 km away from Antalya. It can be reached to the Natural Park by following the 8 km long road that departures from the Antalya - Aksu Highway at the Soğucaksu Bridge to the direction of north.

Highlights: 394 hectares of that area had been proclaimed as Natural Park in 1991, because of its healthy forest structure in which the rich plant community of the area unites with interesting water and rock forms in the Kurşunlu Waterfall by creating an unique natural landscape characteristic.
The cluster pine is the dominant tree species in the area, but also trees such as; eastern plane tree, laurel, carob tree, wild olive, mastic tree, willow tree and fig tree are present in small groups. Plants like myrtle tree, Mediterranean medlar, oleander, blackberry, wild rose, spurge tree, tamarisk, spruce tree, kermes oak, thyme, wild mint, beech tree, bracken and ivy creates the bottom flora. It is possible to observe water plants like; buckhorn, water mint, bamboo (in water), water chandelier, and green water lily.

Animals like wild boar, fox, rabbit, squirrel, bat, hoopoe, woodpecker, stock dove, carp, water tortoise, snake and lizard do form the fauna of the Natural Park.

Facililities: April and May are the most suitable months to visit the park. Daily visits picnics and trekking are some of the activities that the visitors can perform. An establishment is present in the area for the visitors to provide their food and beverage.