Tunceli - Munzur Mountain National Park


Location: 8km in north of Tunceli, in Eastern Anatolia, which is northwest of Elazig and around 100km west of Bingol.

Transportation: Tunceli is a large town with good highways, and buses are available from most parts of the province. The national park is just off the Tunceli-Ovacik road.

Highlights: The geological structure of the Munzur Mountains that rise between the subsidence areas of Karasu and Murat, consists of metamorphic and volcanic sedimentary and rocks. The hilly area, reaching an altitude of 3300m at the north, was broken into pieces by the effects of Mercan and Munzursuyu valleys. The landscape is interesting for its glacier lakes and small waterfalls.

The hills are covered with oak forests, and at the bottom of the valley are walnut, alder, ash, elm, oak, poplar and willow trees. Animals found here include wolves, foxes, bears, partridges, wild goats, lynx, sables and eagles, whose survival and reproduction is largely thanks to the rich vegetation. The Munzur and Mercan rivers are full of trout.

Facilities: Camping, fishing, trekking and mountaineering are all possible in the park.