Mugla - Marmaris National Park


Location: The park is 6km from Marmaris, in the province of Mugla.

Transportation: The state highways 550 and 400 reach the park.

Highlights: The area on the northwestern side has a red appearance, due to the oxidation of the old magnetic rocks. The forests include species of trees which are endangered and only grow in certain areas which have high humidity and heavy sand. Cluster pine, oak and plane tree ensure a varied and colourful landscape, and there are Mediterranean species like wild olive, arbutus, rosary, sumac, locust tree, oleander, and bay trees.

Between Marmaris and Koycegiz there are many wild goats, but are decreasing rapidly and under threat of vanishing completely. There are also bears, lynx, foxes, squirrels and weasels. There are also quiet, unspoilt beaches around the edges of the park, and Cennet Island is well worth visiting.
The park is also the site of the ancient cities of Physkos (Marmaris) and Amos (Hisaronu), which used to be called the Caria region and still has evidence of the colony of Rhodes. In Amos, there are the remains of a theatre, a temple and sculpture pedestals, which are surrounded by city walls. The Physkos walls date back to the Hellenistic age.

Facilities: There are picnic and camping areas in the park. The nearest accommodation is in the towns of Marmaris or Icmeler, several kilometers south-west.