Konya - Beysehir Lake National Park


Beysehir Lake lies in the middle of Isparta (105km) and Konya (94km), in the province of Beysehir.
Transportation: The 238th State Highway connects Konya and Beysehir, and the lake is just to the west of that. There is also transport by road from Isparta.

Highlights: Beysehir lake is the third largest lake in Türkiye, and as a result of chemical reaction it has formed many islands, which are the remains of cavernous geological structures. The water is alkaline, and within it are carp, trout, bass, turtles and snakes. The islands provide a home for thousands of water birds who nest there, including swans, cormorants, ducks and divers. Species of trees here include juniper, black pine, firs, cedar and oak.

In addition to the natural beauty of the area, it also has an interesting history as it was governed by Hittites, Friesian, Lydias, Persians and Byzantines. Finally, the Anatolian Seljuks conquered the area in 1076, and since then it has been under the reign of the Turks. The remains of Kubadabad Palace date back to the Seljuks, and are found on Kizkalesi Island, 3km from the shore near Yenisarbademli village.

Facilities: The park is open between May and October. Tents or caravans can stay in specially designated areas.