Isparta - Kizildag National Park


Location: The park is 120km in the northeast of Isparta, and 5km south of Sarkikaraagac, and on the northern edge of Lake Beysehir.

Transportation: It can be accessed by road from Sarkikaraagac.

Highlights: The landscape between Kizildag and Beysehir lake is noted for its erosion, with formations of limestone rocks. Buyuksivri hill, at an altitude of 1840m, can be climbed by amateur mountaineers. The area is also famous for its rich plant cover, especially cedar forests. Many visitors come to celebrate the traditional Halvah Bairam (festival) in Sarkikaraagac on the second Sunday in July.

Facilities: Buyuksivri hill is known for its healing of respiratory problems, because of the oxygen produced by the cedar trees. Accommodation is available in bungalows, tents and caravans.