Denizli - Honaz Mountain National Park


The Honaz Mountain National Park is in the Honaz region of the province of Denizli.

Transportation: It can be reached via the Afyon-Denizli, or Afyon-Izmir highway.

Highlights: The main feature of the park is the Honaz mountain, which is the highest in the Aegean region, at 2528m. There are species of Alpine flora at the higher altitudes, the most common of which are cluster pine, black pine, and juniper. A wide variety of animals includes an abundance of wild goats, as well as wild boar, rabbit, foxes and badgers. The snow coverage makes this a good spot for skiing.

Among the archaeological highlights, there are rock cemeteries in the antique city of Collossea, an area still undergoing excavations and therefore more historical treasures will probably be revealed.

Facilities: The nearest accommodation is in Honaz and Denizli.