Balıkesir - Ayvalık Islands


Location: The Ayvalik Islands are just off the coast of Ayvalik, 100km west of Balikesir and 50km northwest of Bergama.

Transportation: The islands are accessible by road and boat. The largest, Alibey Adasi, is accessible by two causeways which link it to the mainland and to the tiny Lale Adasi, and there are public buses which take both these routes. In the summer, there are boats leaving from the centre of Ayvalik.

Highlights: Alibey Adasi is the best known for its ruins of Greek churches and old stone houses, inhabited by Greeks before 1922, and has a pleasant village atmosphere when walking around the quiet backstreets. Halfway up the hill from the harbour is the Church of the Taksiarhis, now abandoned. The structure of the islands means there is little plant life.

Facilities: There are several places to stay in Alibey Adasi, and many seafood restaurants along the waterfront. There are plans for a water-sports centre in the area of Seytan Sofrasi, where it will be possible to dive.