Aydin - Büyük Menderes National Park


This park in the region of Kusadasi and Soke, in the province of Aydin.

Transport: The park can be reached via the Kusadasi – Soke highway, and lies roughly in the middle of the two towns.

Highlights: The northern side of the park has plants rarely seen in the Mediterranean region. There are many bay and chestnut trees, and it is the only area where the Finike juniper and pirnal oaks are found together. Mediterranean seals and sea turtles are breeding on the shores of the lake,.

Guzelcamli village, at the northeast edge of the national park and at the foot of Dilek mountain, was used as the assembly place for the political and scientific centre of Ionia in the 9th and 8th centuries BC.

Facilities: It is possible to stay in the park in tents or caravans, and there is food available.