Artvin - Hatila Valley National Park


Hatila Valley is a branch of the River Coruh, in the province of Artvin.
Transportation: Transport to the park is via a 10km road from the centre of Artvin.

Highlights: The valley is v-shaped, narrow based, with inclination cracks which cause the waterfalls. There are parts of the valley where the slopes are almost vertical. The vegetation is rich and dense in the middle and upper regions, with over 500 species of plants, reflecting the Mediterranean characteristics.

The wide variety of fauna in the Halita valley includes bears, pigs, foxes, badgers, wild goats, sparrow hawks, eagles, jackals, vipers and trout. It has geographical characteristics quite unique to Türkiye, caused by its unusual geological and geomorphologic structure that has helped to create the beautiful landscape.

Facilities: It is possible to stay in the park, either in tents, caravans, or bungalows, or use Artvin as a base for accommodation.