Antalya - Güllük Mountain (Termessos) National Park


The park is in 34km northwest of Antalya, in the Taurus mountains in the Korkuteli district.

Transportation: It can be reached via the Antalya – Korkuteli highway.

Highlights: Termessos is one of the most spectacular ruined cities in Türkiye, mainly because of its stunning location. It is situated on the slopes of Gulluk mountain to the north of Antalya. Its history is not clearly known, but is known to have started with Alexander the Great’s arrival in 333 BC, who was then fought off.

The city is split into three areas; downtown, city centre and the cemetery. Its best years were during the Roman Empire, and its best remains are the city walls, King’s road, Harian’s Gate, gymnasium, theatre, Odeon, decorated walls and cisterns.

Geomorphologic beauties in the park include the steep rocks of Gulluk mountain, and Mecine Canyon which has walls about 600 meters high. The forests and variety of plants are typical examples of the Mediterranean. There are very rare species of wildlife living in the area, like wild mountain goats, roe deer, and shah eagle. The best time to visit the area is between April and December.

Facilities: The Visitor’s Centre at the park entrance has detailed information about the area. There are areas for tents and caravans, and a good selection of restaurants and buffets.