Marmara Basin

İğneada Forests

City: Kırklareli

Provinces: Demirköy

Surface Area :3000 ha

Altitude: Sea level

Protection: Yes

Main Characteristics: Sweet water lakes, subasar forest

Bird Species: the small population of black storks - Kara leylek (5 pairs) gives the area an important bird species status. Also important numbers of storks pass during the autumn migration (during two days counting max. 8366).

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Büyükçekmece Lake


Provinces: Büyükçekmece

Surface Area: 2850 ha

Altitude: 6 m


Main Characteristics: Dam lake

Bird Species: For red-crested pochard - elmabaş patka (max. 14036) especially the area gains important bird species status for the huge number of winter passing water birds (max. 22.681). in winter you can see important numbers of yellow-legged gull - gümüş martı (max. 8775) while little gull - küçük martı (max. 1740) and Mediterranean gull - Akdeniz martısı (max. 10.000) can be seen in spring.

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Şile Islands

City: İstanbul

Provinces: Şile

Surface Area: 5 ha

Altitude: 0-20 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: Has important bird species status for the breeding population of shag - tepeli karabatak (175 pairs).

Main Characteristics: rocky coastal islands

İznik Lake

City: Bursa

Provinces: Orhangazi, İznik

Surface Area : 29830

87 m

Protection: Yes

Bird Species: Important bird species status - with pygmy cormorants - küçük karabatak (30 pairs) and night heron - gece balıkçıl (250 pairs).

Main Characteristics: sweet water lake

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