İçel Anamur (Dragon) River

The River Anamur (Dragon) originates as an underground river from the Catalyatak, Yellice and Kizcagiz hills on the slopes of the Toros (Taurus) mountains.

The underground spring erupts in several geysers close to the village of Sugozu, spraying water hundreds of metres high. The water level of the river is highest in spring, falling in summer and north of its source, enclosed basins and chasms can be seen. The 35km long Anamur is joined by the Kas, Masat and Gokce streams before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea through a deep river bed. The surrounding mountains of Anamur are covered with red pine, black pine, cedar, fir, juniper and oak trees. Wild goat, wild boar, wild sheep, wolf, jackal, wild duck, wild goose, partridge, eagle, falcon, peregrine falcons and hawks live in the higher altitudes, and speckled trout populate the waters running through the forest.


The River Anamur is suitable for canoeing and rafting, and the best starting point for an expedition is at the junction of Kilic creek, finishing at the historic Alakopru bridge 10km south.

The start of the course is accessible by road that runs 15 km to Caltibuku from the junction of the Anamur-Ermenek highway. When setting out from here, one should watch for rocks and tree roots in the water. Generally class 1-2 water has some class 3 rapids when the water is high.