Rize Fırtına River

The River Firtina River is interesting not only for the arched bridges spanning it and the tea plantations lining the banks, but also for the traditional costumes of the local people.

Formed by a number of streams on the Black Sea side of Kackar Mountains, the Firtina runs 57 km through lush countryside, eventually reaching the Black Sea about 2 km west of Ardesen, Rize.

The arched stone bridges crossing the water add to the beauty of the Firtina, which is recommended for river sports along the following course.


The town of Camlihemsin is 22 km south of the Rize-Ardesen road. The course begins around 1 km south of Camlihemsin. Paddlers should be cautious of boulders at 5 km, and dangerous passages at 7 km, 8 km and 9 km, and the attractive Duygulu Falls are on the western slope at 12 km. The course finishes at any convenient point before the Firtina reaches the Black Sea.

The 23km long course is very rocky, rating a hardship degree of 3-4-5 in places, depending on the speed of the water. Extra caution is required during heavy rains. The Firtina is recommended for river sports all year round.